1. Sometimes life sucks. Things don’t make sense. People leave without notice. the indestructible foundations we’ve built somehow lost its stability and we just don’t know why. If everything happens for a reason, why isn’t the reason so clear? Sometimes, we don’t need to know the reason right away. Sometimes, we have to be okay with there being no reason. While the pain of uncertainty is present, so is the joy of relief. Accepting the ways of the universe and letting go of things we can not change — there’s freedom in that. We have enough in our control, be okay with letting the universe take some of the reins. Moving on and overcoming is an all time guarantee.

  2. What made me happier today? A sweet letter from my sweet&clingy friend @mimiest. I will miss you too a lot!!! But dont worry i still have 45 days 😘👯❤️💋

  3. Happy happy birthday again ate @redboniel !!! Love yaaa ♥ (at Cafe Juanita, Burgos Circle, The Fort)

  4. One of my favorite books. This never fails to make me feel better.

  5. Hooray for today! ♥